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Our Sales Team can assist you in selecting a grinder that meets your application and budget.

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OKAMOTO offers manual, automatic and full CNC Surface Grinders.  From small toolroom grinders to high-production double column grinders and everything in between . . . we have a surface grinder for you!

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We have grinder to meet your OD application requirements - from small footprint toolroom grinders to full production CNC.  We offer plain, universal or angle head.

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The OKAMOTO NC Series Grinder gives you all of the functions of a full CNC grinder at a competitive price!  Ideal for surface, slot, step, form and contour grinding. 

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OKAMOTO top selling ID grinders offer reliability, repeatability, durability and accuracy at a competitive price.  Whether you're looking to grind Straight thru Single-Bore, Multiple Diameters, Face or (2) Different Size Diameters, Radius, Angle or Contour Grinding . . . our application engineers can put a package together that's perfect for the job!

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Increase grinding speeds up to 30% over conventional surface grinding.  The grinding wheel spends more time on the part with less time traveling! Ideal for single and multiple workpiece grinding.


Lap and polish parts 10 to 25 times faster with the OKAMOTO Aero Lap.  Applications include cutting tools, forming tools, injection molds, complex shapes, punches, pins & guide rods, manifolds, and jewelry.